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Unless noted otherwise, our monthly seminars are held at the Summit Health Center and are FREE! Seating is limited, so please reserve your spot by calling (717) 217-6790 or completing the form below.

July 1st-15th: 20% OFF ALL PURSES, WALLETS, & BAGS


July 16th-31st: BOGO 50% OFF ESSENTIAL OIL DEPARTMENT. Discount will be taken off of least expensive item.

July 16th: FREE HEALTHY EATING ADVENTURE LECTURE, 6pm, Wilson College. Visit www.healthyeatingadventures.org for more information or to register.

July 18th: FREE LDN SEMINAR, 7-8pm. Join Dr. Wayne Myers if you or a loved one is suffering from an autoimmune disorder, chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. He will cover the history of Naltrexone, current research, dosing methods, and testimonials from patients who have been helped by LDN.

July 25th: FREE ABC BLENDING CLASS, 6:30-8pm. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the essential oils Amyris, Black Pepper, Cardamom, and Clary Sage. You will observe as Sharon Smith helps some attendees make blends that use those oils. You will receive a free booklet full of great information on the specific oils Sharon will be covering as well as a copy of the recipes being demonstrated that evening.